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Los Angeles Best Value Rental Studio


3620 Whittier Blvd.,
Los Angeles, Ca. 90023

SETS: There is a $5.00 surcharge for each set used after (3) three sets.

Bedroom set; with painted steel w/brass accents “Victorian style” bed. Client must
provide their own linen (bed is a full size bed). Lingerie chest, other furniture to
complement the scene, and plants.

Bathroom set; w/old claw foot bathtub (not plumbed yet), picture and bowl, plants.

Doctors office set; with examining table, doctors scale, side cabinet, plaques and many
doctors office props.

Attorneys office set; with nice wood desk and chair, bookshelves w/law books,
certificates, computer screen and keyboard.

Gym set; with lockers; weight bench w/barbells and treadmill, many sporting goods
and accessories.

Wharf set; with crates, barrels, cartons, netting, etc.

Construction set; with scaffolding, barricades, hard hat, safety vest, construction
materials, blueprints, etc.

Barn Scene set; with hay bales, pitchfork, milk cans, burlap sacks, tumbleweed, barrels,
(planned improvement includes expansion w/a loft).

Island set; with rattan chair, split reed, burlap background, mosquito netting over the
chair, palm fans.

Fantasy set; with “stained glass” windows, multi-layer bed, arches, columns, etc.

Red Brick Wall Set; many props can be moved into this scene to make it what you
would like it to be.

Park Scene; against a blue background, there is a park bench, tree and artificial grass

Techno Scene; a vertical corrugated steel wall set with a black aluminum frame-work
within the walls.

Numerous props, upright piano, plants are available for use.

Future Sets Planned: A school room set and dungeon set.
Any help or props are welcome. I will trade studio time for props and work assistance.


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