Esperanza Studios - Los Angeles Best Value Studio Rental

Los Angeles Best Value Rental Studio


3620 Whittier Blvd.,
Los Angeles, Ca. 90023

We are a 4.000+square foot open space, 12 foot to the rafters, with a curved ceiling to a 20 foot peak. There is a raised stage at one end of the studio. We are geared to the glamour photographer, though any artist is welcome.

Around the perimeter of the studio are a variety of sets that have become popular with our clients. These sets are almost permanent sets, but we are continually improving the studio and sets to our clients needs. The sets are generally eight by twelve feet in size, or are planned to be increased to those dimensions, with some planned to be 12 X 12 foot . Seamless and muslims can be hung quickly and at no additional charge, (photographers own paper / muslims).

There is a models make-up room / bathroom, men’s room, refrigerator, micro-wave, and stereo that takes cassettes, CD’s and for those of you old enough, LP’s.


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